Yuko (Hair Straightening System)  £258-£550 


Yuko system is an amazing permanent hair straightening system from Japan that can revive hair that’s dull from over exposure to chemicals or heat, making it effortless to manage, and reducing styling time dramatically.  Hair can be blast dried with fingers or left to dry naturally with a smooth finish.


The Yuko treatment system is like a perm except the hair is ironed straight and not curled.  It is low maintenance, needing to be done 2 or 3 times a year (possibly more for very curly hair).  Parts of the hair can be treated differently, e.g. a difficult fringe or curly nape hair, to achieve the look you want.


As it’s a permanent process, it’s humidity resistant, so you can kiss that monster frizz goodbye, and be confident that your hair will always look good whether at the gym, dancing in a club or when you step out of a swimming pool!