Back Massage  (30 mins)   £33
Deeply relaxing massage relieving tension and warm aromas to calm the mind.
Full Body Massage  (60 mins)    £48
A stress relieving massage to sooth & release everyday aches & pains or just for relaxation
Hot Stone Massage   
Full Body (90 mins) £82       Back (45 mins)  £44
This speciality massage uses balsite (volcanic) rock stones that retain heat making this treatment the perfect winter warmer.  A combination of manual & stone massage techniques enables x7 more penetrating massage than the depth of a regular body treatment to truly relax & warm the body & ease muscular tensions.
Foot and leg massage (30 mins) £28
Foot and leg massage is one of the most unbelievably relaxing treats that you can have. The treatment provides a  soothing and relaxing lower leg and foot massage; providing complete conditioning for your leg.

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