Firmslim uses two clinically proven technologies. Infra-red laser and bipolar radio frequency, with added mechanical massage and vacuum suction which guides the fat to the lymphatic system.


Here’s how it works:



The procedure works so well because it combines four effective techniques in one. Laser therapy lowers the skin resistance by heating the skin causing the fat cells to open, releasing the fatty free acids, water and glycerol, and so allows bipolar radio frequency energy to penetrate deeply into the tissue.The combination of near infra-red laser, bipolar radio frequency mechanical massage and vacuum suction of our unique system delivers the energy 940 nano-metres into the subcutaneous cells. This increases the diffusion of oxygen between the cells and a cavitation effect is formed, which speeds up the process of breaking down the fat cells and sends the liquid to the lymphatic system. The vacuum suction aids in the draining process, resulting in instant inch loss results. The equipment also tackles facial fine lines with wrinkle reduction, firms and hydrates skin and stimulates collagen which tightens and lifts skin.




Essential oils balance and detoxify the body to complement our unique system working with the body’s own natural synergy and stored energy. The oils are used for various purposes depending on the complaint. They can break down fat, disperse water retention, and stimulate collagen to reduce facial fine lines and wrinkles, with sensitive areas around the eyes and eyelids becoming instantly plump. The handset is also able to target fatty deposits on the entire body, including the face.
All of these effects combine in a fantastic treatment for the face, neck and body that creates a stunning silhouette, without surgery.


Facial Treatments

-Facial Contouring

-Instant lifting & Tightening Results

-Reduces Fine Lines & wrinkles with Long asting Results

-Tightens Collagen Fibres

-Reduces Fine Lines, Puffiness & dark Circles Around The Eye

-Lifts & Tightens The Lower Face. Jawline & Decollete


                    Single        Course Of 6

Eye               £25                 £125 

Full Face     £125              £499


Body Treatments

-Body Reshaping & Contouring

-Instant Inch Loss

-Banishes Cellulite & Improves Circulation

-Targets Stubborn Fatty Deposits

-Aids Lymphatic Drainage

-Lifts, Firms & Tightens Lax Skin

-Reduces Stretch Marks


                                      Single              Course Of 5        Course Of 10

Upper Back                £125                     £550                      £1000

Lower Back                £125                     £550                      £1000

Tummy                        £125                     £550                      £1000

Breast                          £125                     £550                      £1000

Chest                            £125                     £550                      £1000

Bottom                        £125                     £550                       £1000

Upper Legs                 £125                     £550                       £1000

Lower Legs                 £125                     £550                       £1000

Upper Arms                £125                     £550                       £1000








Body Treatments


Back Hyderdermie  75 mins  £55/£60

This deep cleansing, rehydrating & rebalancing treatment for the back uses electrotherapy & specific, plant based treatments to normalise oily/spot prone/dehydrated/moisture dry skin, on this hard-to-reach area. A relaxing back massage aids the penetration of products into the skin for maximum results.


Aromatic Body Contouring    90 mins   £55/£60

Targeting cellulite prone areas, this body treatment combines relaxation with the detoxifying and slimming benefits of anti-cellulite essential oils, massage and mineral clays. The massage with green tea & cypress essential oils uses lymph drainage & acupuncture techniques to break down & soften hardened cellulite, improving the appearance and texture of the skin. Unique to this treatment is the mineral clay body mask for the thighs, abdomen & buttocks that refines and firms the skin.


Aromatic Body Softening  90 mins    £55/£60

This invigorating body treatment tones & rehydrates the skin using exfoliation & massage. The natural products used include and exfoliating sugar-kiwi body scrub & a blend of citrus-infused energising & toning essential oils. Specialised massage techniques revive lethargic limbs while kneading and effleurage movements on the back & shoulders release tension.


Sugar-Kiwi Body Polisher   30 mins  £30/£35

A complete body exfoliation treatment using Guinot natural sugar-kiwi scrub containing white & brown sugar, salt & kiwi, plus nourishing & softening shea butter. This is the perfect pre & post holiday treatment to eliminate dead skin cells and refine the skins texture.


Tanning Treatment With Exfoliation 

Full Body (60 mins) £40/£45  |  Half Body (30 mins)  £25/£30

This professional tanning treatment for the face & body ensures an even, streak-free natural looking tan. An all over exfoliation to the face & body prepares the skin before expert application of the self tan products which are subtly fragranced and hydrating to the skin.


Vita Liberata Spray Tan   Full Body £25

Vita Liberata tanning products are non-toxic, odourless, organic, paraben free and bursting with natural extracts, designed to moisturiseand hydrate the skin. Formulated speciifically to contain no alcohol or perfume, the tan dries instantly and fades evenly, like a natural tan with no snake-skin or patching.


Vita Liberata Spray Tan with Exfoliation   Full Body £35



Shower and exfoliate on the day of your tan and avoid using products that contain essential oils.

Hair removal (waxing/shaving) should be done no closer than 24 hours prior to tanning session.

Do not wear make-up, deoderant or oily skin products to the appointment and avoid moisturising for 24 hours prior to your tan.

Wear or bring loose, dark clothing and flip-flops (avoid string vest tops and anything that clings to the skin).




Following the spray tan, wear loose, dark clothing and flip flops to avoid transfer onto clothing. Avoid wearing a bra. Keep skin covered to prevent transfer onto fabrics when sitting.


Do not put hands in water or get the skin wet, this will affect the develpment of the tan.


Do not touch the skin with your hands as the bronzer will transfer to palms.


Do not wax/shave for 24 hours following treatment as this removes layers of skin and will remove the tan too.


Moisturise twice daily following the spray tan. Only use a product that does not contain essential oils as these can create a faster fade. 


Spray Tans are available for men and women.









Back Massage  30 mins   £30

Deeply relaxing massage relieving tension and warm aromas to calm the mind.


Full Body Massage     60 mins    £44

A stress relieving massage to sooth & release everyday aches & pains or just for relaxation


Aromatherapy Massage    90 mins  £50

A personal blend of oils are specifically chosen to suit your needs, the aromatherapy full body massage is designed to relieve areas of tension & stress. This treatment will leave you feeling relaxed, de-stressed, revived & ready for a new day.


Hot Stone Massage  

Full Body   90 mins  £75       Back  45 mins  £40

This speciality massage uses balsite (volcanic) rock stones that retain heat making this treatment the perfect winter warmer. A combination of manual & stone massage techniques enables x7 more penetrating massage than the depth of a regular body treatment to truly relax & warm the body & ease muscular tensions.







American Pedicure

Regular 60 mins £40/£43       Deluxe 75 mins  £45/£48

Taking Pedicures to another level. The Pedicure Spa is the very latest innovation giving you a full body electrical massage with the benefits of a Spa Pedicure.


Nail Shellac/Geleration

A maincure technique to provide you with a gel-nail manicure, that is easy to soak off as to preserve the natural nail underneath, whilst giving you long lasting colour that can stay up to 3 weeks without breaking or chipping.


Shellac/Gel Soak Off      £10/£12    15 mins

Shellac/Gel Polish           £20/£22    30 mins

Shellac/Gel Manicure    £30/£32    45 mins

Shellac/Gel Toes              £20/£22   30 mins

Shellac/Gel Pedicure     £40/£42    60 mins




Nail Enhancements

Full Set Plain            £36/£38       60 mins

Full Set White          £42/£44      90 mins

Refills Plain Tip        £25/£27      45 mins

Refills White Tip      £30/£32      60 mins

Remove & Rescue   £19/£21     

One New Nail          £5/£7            15 mins

Buff & Polish            £12/£14       15 mins






Create the right look to compliment, accentuate & balance you facial features. The easiest way to give your face a lift.


Eyebrow Shape                  £8/£10

Eyebrow Tint                      £8/£10

Eyelash Tint                        £12/£15

Lash & Brow Tint               £15/17

Weekend Lashes               £15/£17

Nouveau Lash Full Set     £80/£85 

Nouveau Lash Refill         £40/£45

Lash removal                     £10

Mii 3D Brows Full              £35/£36

Mii 3D Top Up                     £25/£27




Threading is an alternative hair removal method to waxing or plucking. This ancient technique originates from Asia & South East Asia & has become very popular in Europe especially for facial hair removal because of its precise and effective results. The hair is removed using cotton thread meaning no irritation or harm to the skin is caused.


Lip Or Chin       £10/£12

Lip & Chin         £15£17

Face                    £20/£22

Neck                   £18/£20

Brow Shape      £10/£12



Make Up

We stock the full range range of products from Mii by Jessica in our salon.

All these products come highly recommended by professional makeup artists.We also offer a full make up service in the salon for any occasion

Mii Colours are available as retail products.


Make Up Application                   £25/£28   30 mins

Make Up With Lashes                  £40/£43  40 mins

Make Up Lesson                            £40/£43  45 mins

Make Up Lesson With Lashes    £55/£58  60 mins





Lycon is the new & exciting waxing system that delivers superior results. Hair can be removed from 1 mm length which means no more leaving the hair to grow in between & also up to 80% less pain.The wax shrink wraps around the hair and does not stick to the skin. When the wax is removed it pulls from the very root of the hair follicle, removing the dermal-papilla. This will prevent hair breakage, in-grown hairs, bruises and redness and the painful sting associated with strip waxing, therefore leads to softer smoother skin for longer.


Half Leg                       £25

Full Leg                        £35

Full Leg & Bikini        £45

Full Leg & Brazilian  £50

Bikini                            £16

Brazilian                      £26

Hollywood                  £36

Underarn                    £14

Forearm                      £21

Lip Or Chin                 £12

Lip & Chin                   £16

Back Or Chest           £22
























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