Kerastraight/Cezanne Hair Straightening  (smoothing conditioning treatment)  £200+


Kerastraight/Cezanne Keratin treatment is a revolutionary process that transforms the hair, replenishing condition and banishes frizz without damaging or changing its natural structure. Suitable for all hair types including, chemically treated, coloured, permed, relaxed, straightened, highlighted or bleached hair. It is free from Formaldehyde.


The application process takes 1.5-4 hours depending on the hairs length & thickness. The product is infused into the hair with 450 degree flat iron to seal in the moisture.  Results are visable immediately. Hair looks shinier and is effortless to manage, dramatically decreasing styling time with resilience restored so you hair is not affected by humidity, rain or perspitation.


The results last two to four months and with repeated treatments clients will observe a continuous improvement in hair condition.