hairdressing southport



Back Hyderdermie  (75 mins)  £55/£60

This deep cleansing, rehydrating & rebalancing treatment for the back uses electrotherapy & specific, plant based treatments to normalise oily/spot prone/dehydrated/moisture dry skin, on this hard-to-reach area.  A relaxing back massage aids the penetration of products into the skin for maximum results.



Slim Logic  (50 mins)  £85

This treatment reduces the appearance of 'orange-peel' skin leaving it more radiant and visibly firmer.  Using a combination of exfoliation, massage and a fluid-reducing body wrap to help boost drainage and break down fatty deposits.  The peel-off mask provides skin with instant radiance and hydration.  For best results we recommend a course of treatments.


Mirific Relaxing Treatment  (60 mins)  £55/£60

A nourishing, relaxing, anti-ageing muscle and tension reducing massage, containg four precious oils.  The Mirific Relaxing Treatment consists of enveloping manoeuvres and pressure points to relive tention in key areas of concern, including: neck, shopulders, back, hands & feet.


Mirific Express Exfoliation   (20 mins)  £38/£43   

This exfoliating treatment uses Apricot Kernel Seeds to gently buff away dead skin cells and reinforce the effectiveness of the four precious oils subsequently applied.  Passion Flower, Evening Primrose, Camellia and Argan Oils to work to restore nourishment for soft, supple skin.


Sugar-Kiwi Body Polisher   (30 mins)  £30/£35

A complete body exfoliation treatment using Guinot natural sugar-kiwi scrub containing white & brown sugar, salt & kiwi, plus nourishing & softening shea butter. This is the perfect pre & post holiday treatment to eliminate dead skin cells and refine the skins texture.